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Centre for
Human Resource
Strategies Asia, Inc.

Training and Consultancy

We are a human resource training and consulting firm with more than two decades of working with private companies and government agencies.

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We build people
to build organizations

With more than 20 years of experience, the Centre for Human Resource Strategies Asia, Inc. brings a wide range of learning and development programs to organizational teams.

About Us
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Run by the country’s leading human resource practitioners and professionals, we offer customized in-house training as well as human resource consulting programs to government agencies and private companies in different industries.

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Our Vision

A globally competitive client-oriented training and consulting center for human resource development and management.

Our Mission
  • To uphold the values of excellence and integrity in carrying out management and human resource programs, developmental and technical interventions and consultancy undertakings.

  • To provide the highest quality of customized services by maintaining a stable of expert consultants in human and technical resource management.

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Our Expertise




For more than two decades, we have helped our clients’ human resource
acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for success in the workplace.

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Leadership and


We have conducted training programs on advanced leadership, influential leadership, empowering a culture of excellence, strategic management, performance management, 6S, ethical decision-making, among others. 

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Workplace Health
& Well-Being

Our programs for workplace health and well-being have included stress management, personality development, managing change, managing personal finance, retirement planning, among others.

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Workplace Communication

The communication training programs we have conducted include technical communication, assertive communication, persuasive writing, effective oral communication, facing the media, among others.


We have provided private companies and government agencies
with the latest and proven approaches in human resource management
core processes in bringing about organizational excellence.

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Human Resource Management

We have undertaken projects in human capital/resource analytics, salary surveys and compensation/benefits analysis, job evaluation and salary structure study, among others. 

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We have conducted projects that involved organizational/HR audit, organizational branding, organizational and diagnostics studies, succession planning, among others. 

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We have assisted organizations in their planning sessions that include corporate culture change, strategic plans, visioning, strategic human resource management, among others. 

Contact Us
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73 CRM Ave, First BF Homes, Almanza Dos, Las Piñas

+63 (917) 8008524

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